Go anywhere with a limited edition 3T/XPDTN3 Scicon bag

Limited edition SCICON® AeroComfort Road 3.0 TSA bike travel bag in 3T/XPDTN3 livery

SCICON® will produce a limited edition AeroComfort Road 3.0 TSA bike travel bag in XPDTN3 livery. Manufactured and designed by SCICON®, this limited edition bike travel bag is available for pre-order from Jun 1st through Jun 30th.

SCICON has been a great partner for us since we launched the Exploro bike and the XPDTN3.club back in the summer of 2016. Chris, the brand manager of Scicon has been very supportive in providing our explorers withe the best bike bags when they travelled to explore new territories around the world. Initially we started with ‘standard’ bags, but at a certain point Chris was so kind to make a special edition bag for our explorers. I liked the bags a lot and asked Chris: ‘hey can’t you guys make this available to a wider audience’: we have many customers that bought an Exploro and love to take their bike on a trip.

And the great new is: SCICON made a limited edition XPDTN3 bike bags, for you to pre order right now. You can place your order within the month of June: shipping is free globally.

I have done quite some XPDTN3 trips in various parts of the world, and I can say I am very pleased with the SCICON bags. It got my Exploro to all places and back home without any issue or damage. Highly recommended!