Your chance to try 3T bikes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Our Exploro and Strada test bikes are waiting for you

Rapidly expanding our dealer network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we want to give you the unique opportunity to test ride the Exploro and Strada bikes before buying them.

During the month of June you will be able to test ride both the Exploro and the Strada at seven selected dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Don’t miss your chance to take them out for a fast ride on the tarmac, or an adventure ride on the trails, and fall in love with our award-winning models.

Be sure to call each store in advance to make sure your desired model, size, and time slot is available. Make an appointment now before the bikes move on to a different location!




Hans Henny Jahnn Weg 67

22085 Hamburg

+49 40 28 46 23 55

Strada and Exploro available from June 1st to June 8th


Enjoy Your Bike

Eleonorenstr. 20

30449 Hannover

+49 511 200 290 90

Strada and Exploro available from June 1st to June 8th



fahrstil Klubhaus

Emil-Maier-Str. 18

69115 Heidelberg

+49 6221 67 31 946

Strada and Exploro available from June 12th to June 17th



Bike Dress

Ohlmüllerstr. 7

81541 München

+49 (0)89 44 44 92 11

Strada available from June 19th to July 11th


Bike Components

Neupforte, 20

52062 Aachen

+49 (0) 2405 450045




Gran Tourismo

Imbergstraße 9

5020 Salzburg

+43 660 2301074

Exploro available from June 19th to July 11th




Cycles Prof Lüthi Sàrl

Avenue Bachelin 15

2072 St Blaise

+41 32 753 33 30

Exploro available from June 1st to June 15th



Weishaupt Cycles

Brittnauerstrasse 16

4800 Zofingen

+41 62 752 54 54

Strada available from June 1st to June 15th