Riding Strada in Beijing

3T opens Test Ride Center in Beijing

Baita Si Bike Shop in Beijing has been appointed as official 3T Test Center and welcomes customers to try the Strada.

Last week I was in Beijing to meet with Mr. Xiaofeng Du, the owner of Baita Si bike shop. This shop, which is located in the heart of Beijing is our new 3T Test Center, where you can try the new Strada Bike.

Mr. Du has been running his bike store now for 4 years, and has build a strong following in his neighborhood. Every day he organizes a group ride from his store, and Mr. Du joins most of the group rides. After some chats over some healthy snacks we hit the road to bike to the starting point of the ride: the rainbow.

Surprisingly cycling is pretty well organized in this big city: almost the entire right lane of the boulevard (with 5 lanes each way) is dedicated for cyclist. You only have to watch out for cars turning, as drivers don’t seem to look in their mirror before turning. It’s pretty sensational the moment you ride over the famous Tiananmen Square and look into the eyes of Mao, who’s gigantic picture is decorating the entrance of the Forbidden City.

Over the ride I had some good conversations with some of the riders in the group. All passionate riders, and eager to learn what the riding in Europe is all about.  It was also great to see that 3T has such a strong reputation in China.

If you are living in Beijing or visiting the city and want to try the 3T Strada, this is the place to go. And if you go there send my regards to Mr. Du!


Baita Si bike shop

135 Fu Cheng Men Nei Da Jie,

Xicheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China