Try the Exploro in Bormio (Italy)

BormioSpotOn rents Exploro bikes to ride in the northern Italian mountains

BormioSpotOn bike shop provides Exploro rentals and nearby Hotel Funivia is the place to stay and enjoy a drink in the Bicycle Cafe.

There is no better way to try the Exploro than in its natural habitat. One of such great locations is in the mountains near Bormio in the north of Italy. Bormio is a town located in the Alpine province of Sondrio in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. It is a beautiful medieval town surrounded by the amazing landscape of Stelvio National Park and offers excellent gravel and road cycling.


Paolo (left) from BormioSpotOn is renting Exploro’s like this Exploro Team from his bike shop in Bormio.

We are working closely with Paolo, the shop’s owner, who is a passionate cyclist and knows all the routes in the area. You can find bike rental rates on the SpotOnBormio website.

Together with Paolo we have also partnered with Daniele from the nearby Hotel Funivia.  Daniele is like Paolo a passionate cyclist, and also he knows all the great routes in the area. Other than renting bikes (via Paolo’s shop), you can book a Stelvio Experience or enjoy a drink after the ride in the Bike Cafe, which is like a bike museum in itself!

So if you like to try the Exploro before buying one, why not book a weekend in Bormio? The worst that can happen is that you have a great weekend on the bike! And most probably you will get as excited about gravel / all road cycling as Daniele, Paolo, myself and many others are.