Introducing the Torno

The world's first 1x aero crank

As the perfect complement to our Strada and Exploro aero frames, the Torno combines the extensive aero know-how of 3T with the meticulous crank manufacturing skills of our sister company THM to create another marvel.

I’m very excited to show you this new product for 3T. Two years ago, we merged with THM, a company I have known for a long time. Every year as long as I can remember, I would go to Eurobike and visit to THM booth to talk to Thomas and Petra Mertin, its founders. We’d discuss new products, business life and much more, it was always a highlight of the show; a great company and great people.

Two years ago, we decided to join forces, and with 3T and THM merged, each side could focus on what it was good at. So at THM, they focus on their engineering and in-house production, while 3T takes care of the global distribution for the products that come out of the THM factory in Germany.

While THM goes from strength to strength with their world-leading ultralight cranks and other parts, we also started discussing a new type crank, combining the aerodynamic knowledge of 3T with the carbon engineering and production skills of THM. All in an effort to further optimize our 1x aero bikes, the Strada and the Exploro.

The result is the Torno, a completely aero-optimized crank that is also extremely light. The crank arms are very thin, thereby reducing their drag and lowering the Q-factor, so the rider can ride with a more aero foot position. The profile is very deep and elliptical, further cutting down drag. The structural design combines the right crank, spider and carbon axle into one part, increasing stiffness and reducing weight.

All of this is produced at the brand-new 3T carbon factory in Bergamo, giving us full control over our intellectual property and our quality. Note: the first pilot run of 100 Torno cranks were produced at the THM factory in Germany, after that we started production in Italy. So if your Torno says “Made In Germany”, not “Made In Italy”, you have a very limited edition crank!

To find out more about the Torno, check out its new webpage.