red dot award for APTO

APTO receives prestigious red dot product design award 2018

With applications from over 50 countries, the APTO was selected by an international jury of product experts to receive the prestigious red dot award for product design. This is the second international award for the APTO after receiving the iF design award 2018 in January.

In 2017 we launched the APTO stem as successor of the highly popular ARX stem, which was in our program for almost 10 years. When we started to work on the design of the new stem, it wasn’t easy: the ARX was a highly popular stem, as it was light, clean in design and available in lengths from 70 to 150 mm in 2 different angles. Hard to make that better! But with the APTO we believe we managed to do so: with reversed bolts, the APTO has an even cleaner look while improving its aerodynamics and graphics are minimalistic.

The classic rubber 3T  logo is a nod to the highly popular record 78 stem (branded 3ttt as the company was called in the past).

The record 78 stem with the 3ttt rubber logo

In January of this year a jury selected the APTO for the iF design award 2018, and today we are proudly adding the red dot award. With these awards we continue a trend that was set by 3T years ago: The 3T mutant stem of the ’80s (see below) was the first bicycle part to ever win a design an innovation award.

3t mutant: the first bicycle part that ever won a design award