Strada paint options explained

From Race Red to Stealth Black, Aqua Blue Sports Team replica, to your own design with a Ready to Paint.

On a regular basis I get the question what color options we offer for the Strada. So I take this opportunity to give the full overview. The good news is, its very simple!

Stock Paint Frames

We offer many of our parts at 3 levels: Pro, Team and Ltd. Currently, we offer the Strada only at our Team level. The Strada Team is available from stock in 2 color options: stealthy BLACK and racing RED.

Aqua Blue Team Replica

As the Aqua Blue Team will be racing with the Strada in 2018, we also made one production run Team replica. With its cool blue and gold combination, this is a real killer in my opinion. Almost all team replica frames we produced are pre-sold, but we have a few pieces left, so if you really want one, drop me a message at the bottom of this blog including your size, and I see what I can do for you.

Ready to Paint

And lastly for the artists among us that want to create their own, unique design, we offer the Strada as Ready to Paint (RTP) option. We love to see your designs, so for our RTP customers, please share your creations with us!